Post Parrot - A free marketing tool for reddit

Use AI to generate post titles
that drive engagement on Reddit.

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What is Post Parrot?

Post Parrot is a free tool that automates the process of generating post titles targeted to a specific subreddit.

Before you post to Reddit, stop by Post Parrot and enter your post topic and the subreddit you're targeting. Then, let our tool do the work of finding the perfect title for your post.

Post Parrot vs. AI Copy?

Many AI copywriting tools focus on the generated copy rather than the destination. Post Parrot, on the other hand, takes into account the specific subreddit you're targeting to generate a title that is more likely to drive engagement.

Post Parrot looks at titles that have historically been successful in your target subreddit and uses that data to generate a title that is more likely to succeed.

Digital Marketing is all about engagement. Why not “parrot” the posts that have been most successful in the past?